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Passionnée par l'univers du digital et très intéressée par l'évolution des moyens de transmettre son savoir, Laura a vite été attirée par l'eLearning. Elle y suit de près l'actualité et les tendances. Sa position de responsable marketing chez UbiCast, lui permet de vous partager sur ce blog l'expertise de ses collaborateurs, qui sont au coeur du métier.

Why and how to customize the thumbnails of my eLearning videos?


A good presentation whether it's for a shop window, a book cover or a movie poster, will affect your decision to enter this store, read this book or buy movie tickets for this movie. Your videos are subject to this same exam! So here are some tips to put the odds on your side

Why and how to customize the thumbnails of my eLearning videos?2018-02-20T17:54:43+00:00

5 mistakes to avoid in recording courses and training


Nobody can find the records they are looking for A platform to index the contents is essential. Being able to sort videos by thematic channel, search by keywords... these are actions that facilitate the accessibility of content to teachers and students. Need some help with this? Check out this article. 

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5 tips to optimize the evaluations of your eLearning programs


In eLearning training programs, quizzes, or other MCQs are tools for assessing and validating learning. This is very appreciated by the eLearners: they can check the good understanding of the modules and measure their efforts. So how to make relevant quizzes and how to use them wisely? Here 5 tips to optimise your eLearning

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10 tips to record yourself with a webcam


Your eyes and the webcam should be at the same level Many do not change the place of their computers. This is a mistake because the desktop is usually situated too low. This way, you only film the ceiling and your face is seen from the bottom which is not the most flattering.

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Using the green screen in your video: good or bad idea?


A Chroma key allows inlays in photos and videos. It is a technique that has long been exclusively used by the film industry. Technically, the goal here is to superpose, usually an actor, to a set that has been filmed or created on a computer. The most commun example is the television journalist on

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Who has the best role to create training videos?


In an eLearning training program the role of the SME (Subject Matter Expert) is quite clear: he/she shares knowledge, expertise and experience. The SME is a big help for the choice of resources and in verifying the accuracy of the information delivered. The pedagogical designer is active on the organizational part and on the

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What tools for onboarding in video?


There is almost no limit to the number of ways video can be used for onboarding. The technical and logistical aspects can be frightening, yet there are many tools that simplify the life cycle of your videos and so, allow you to concentrate on the creation of your content itself. The main mistake that

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How to use video for onboarding?


We saw in the previous article why video is a great onboarding tool. Now let's see how to use it to welcome your new employees in the best conditions. How do companies use video for onboarding? I. To introduce the company's culture The vision of the company, its mission,

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Why use video for onboarding?


"Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the required knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders."(thank you Wikipedia) Why is this step so important? Because it allows the ne new employees to be operational faster and to have a good first experience within the company,

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How to organize your online video platform


You have your videos ready, you downloaded them on your video platform but everything is a bit messy? It's the moment to step back a moment and think about the organization of your video platform. Maintaining an easy-to-use interface is not hard, you just need to follow a few guidelines. Managing your videos

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