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Vision CEO – Crisis Management with UbiCast


Times of social crisis like strikes, riots, transport breakdowns threaten how we run our organizations, now we are confronted with a new menace, the Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus. These situations force us to think about our business continuity plans because, as the proverb says, "prevention is better than cure". If

Vision CEO – Crisis Management with UbiCast2020-03-15T23:04:33+02:00

Vision CEO : Right on Time !


85% of the jobs of 2030 do not exist today: this figure is quoted in many articles, in all the talks that I could attend recently and which comes from a joint report from Dell and the Institute for the Future, a California based think tank. Somehow this does not surprise me, even if it

Vision CEO : Right on Time !2020-02-20T10:25:00+02:00

CEO Vision: Times are changing…


According to 80% of respondents from a panel of 806 executives and decision-makers from 63 countries, Higher Education will experience a disruptive change by 2025. Big changes are currently taking place. Many trades that exist today will soon disappear or heavily evolve in the near future and others that do not yet exist

CEO Vision: Times are changing…2019-10-28T09:48:05+02:00

What will be the training of tomorrow?


Jocelyne Turpin, founder of Digital Satellite and Miss Mooc, helps companies and especially SMEs to boost their visibility and develop their business through MOOCs. UbiCast is delighted to partner with Jocelyne Turpin. Evolving in the same ecosystem and seeking to offer Digital Learning solutions always closer to the needs of businesses and schools,

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Why don’t we like our voice in video?


At UbiCast when we welcome new members in the team and they start creating tutorials, they always make the same remark after watching their videos "This is my real voice? Isn’t there a problem with the microphone? " We all have been there, we watch a video or we listen to an audio recording

Why don’t we like our voice in video?2018-10-22T10:46:57+02:00