Corporate Tube – why it’s time to deploy your own

Your corporate tube, why it’s time to deploy your own

Individuals are now the biggest producers of video, this is why we have witnessed a decentralization of content production the last couple years. This trend is reflected by the growing need to manage and facilitate these new behaviors through corporate video hosting platforms. These platforms should meet four major requirements:


  • A facilitated contribution: uploading a video should be simple, social interactions encouraged, and recording accessible with integrated tools like the WebStudio.


  • Reliability and accessibility: it is important that the contents can be read on all devices, that data protection is optimal and that the platform can offer a high capacity for simultaneous viewing.


  • Effective referencing: thanks to tags, metadata, keywords.


  • Centralization of information: and facilitate their searches with a powerful search engine.


Discover the details with the video of Tanguy Yu’s presentation, given during iLearning Forum 2017.


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