Nobody can find the records they are looking for

A platform to index the contents is essential. Being able to sort videos by thematic channel, search by keywords… these are actions that facilitate the accessibility of content to teachers and students. Need some help with this? Check out this article. 

My recording system contains no automation

The teaching staff and the “technical department” of schools can waste a lot of time configuring and manipulating recording tools. Not to mention production, editing and publishing. Automation on some or all aspects saves a lot of time.

Picture and sound are low in quality

Choose a solution that will allow you to ensure throughout the year a good quality of content. Otherwise, your collaborators or students won’t be focusing on your videos for long.

I have to skip some recordings

With an unreliable recording system you can have very bad surprises: lose hours of recording without explanation for example! That is why it is better to invest in a qualitative system, with which you know that each of your courses and each of your training will be correctly recorded.

If there is a problem, I do not have anyone to turn to

If you encounter a problem, it is essential to have a professional help available. Companies with an effective support department can train, help and advise you on getting started with your recording tool.