5 reasons to rent the StudioRoom instead of improvising a home studio

You want to record training videos or courses a little more elaborate than those made on your computer? You want to create a MOOC or a training course? But you do not have the budget or the need to acquire a registration solution in your premises?

The recording room for rent is then the right answer. Here is why:

It’s easy

Everything is installed! You just have to know your content on the fingertips and press start, the rest is automatic.

It’s professional:

A professional team accompanies you to help you if necessary. If you ever need advice, you are not alone.

It’s a guaranteed quality:

The sound and image quality will be high, the installation is optimal for recording eLearning videos.


It’s practical:

You will save time: you leave with your content on your USB key or publish it directly on your digital support.

It’s flexible according to your needs:

The decor is adaptable to your needs if you want to create a special atmosphere. You can also incorporate a green background to make incrustations.

What is the StudioRoom?

How? You do not know StudioRoom yet?

It is a rental room for businesses and organizations to easily create enriched videos. The StudioRoom IS equipped with a recording station, lighting, a camera, a microphone and a screen. Do not hesitate to go for it and record yourself easily with the StudioRoom. Discover how eLearning videos with professional quality is made easy!

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