What tools for onboarding in video?

There is almost no limit to the number of ways video can be used for onboarding. The technical and logistical aspects can be frightening, yet there are many tools that simplify the life cycle of your videos and so, allow you to concentrate on the creation of your content itself. The main mistake that most companies make is having many different tools. This can discourage the employees and make the task very complex. Fortunately there are simple and innovative tools to help you out and centralize all the activity.


  1. Create videos simply…

The Videobooth: This is a room dedicated to video recording that is equipped with a UbiCast Studio. It is simple and intuitive to use, the trainer has only one button to press to start and stop a recording. The advantage of having this type of room is that the conditions (lighting and sound) will be optimal.

A fixed or mobile studio: It is also possible to equip a meeting room, conference room or other, with a camera, microphones and a recording station. It will then be possible for trainers or business experts to record directly from their work site. The mobile version also exists!

The video platform: Most video platforms, such as the MediaServer, offer recording tools that allow you to capture your screen, microphone and webcam and therefore create videos directly from your computer.


  1. … with a professional quality!

Editing: No need for a video editing specialist. Editing can be done directly from the stations (cutting, adding chapters…). There are also dynamic post-production features: keywords are automatically extracted from the slides, the new slides come in full screen, if the trainer stays on a slide for a long time then he/she appears full screen.

The customization: Add its logo, a wallpaper, the player to the colors of the company… simply from its video platform or its recording station.

  1. Centralize and organize all your videos and contents from one platform:

The organization: Sort videos by categories, channels, sub-channels … This can be a time-saver for employees who want to find content on a specific topic.

Search by keywords: The search engines included in the video platforms can quickly find content on a specific subject. This can be very interesting for employees who have to deal with large amounts of content.

  1. Be able to watch videos on every device: 

Provide employees with the opportunity to view their videos at the most appropriate time for them, reinforce their involvement and concentration. Thus they can more easily integrate these moments of training in their schedules. Moreover, the adaptation to different formats (tablet, laptop and even smartphone) can allow the employees who travel a lot, to view these videos at any time (at the hotel, in the train, waiting for a professional appointment …)

  1. Statistics:

An important part of the success of an onboarding process is to monitor when and how often employees view and interact with your videos. Statistics are valuable data to see where employees no longer follow and where they interact the most. It is important to keep an eye on these figures to redefine and review if necessary the onboarding system and thus ensure its continued success.


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