A good presentation whether it’s for a shop window, a book cover or a movie poster, will affect your decision to enter this store, read this book or buy movie tickets for this movie. Your videos are subject to this same exam! So here are some tips to put the odds on your side and give your audience the urge to click.

What is a thumbnail?

The thumbnail of a video is an illustration of a video before it is played. It usually includes a title, possibly a subtitle, and an image. Its goal is to know the subject of the video in the blink of an eye. We must go to the basics and choose a relevant vignette!

Why is it important?

Whether it is the students who will follow a video of the course, or the employees who have to follow an eLearning course, the thumbnail can help the audience to go to your videos with more enthusiasm because:

  • It gives an overview of the subject of the video: the audience likes to know what to expect.
  • A good thumbnail, will set the tone and can prepare the learner to contextualize the content and therefore will be more available to receive the information.
  • It gives a playful aspect: an image, a catchphrase … These are elements that tickle the curiosity and engage the audience immediately.
  • It allows you to personalize your speech: the words, the image chosen will bring the audience into the desired context.

Depending on the application, the utility may also vary:

  • In an eLearning course, the thumbnail will allow the learner to organize.
  • The illustration, can also play on the motivation, because it will give more desire to click.
  • A support video platform will see the usefulness of thumbnails to give visibility to all these users. In the blink of an eye, they can find THE video that will answer their problem.
  • If you communicate with video, it must also be well presented with a talking image. It will increase the chances that it will be shared and therefore seen by more people.


How to create an attractive thumbnail?

Good legibility, a strong impact and a touch of mystery are the good ingredients for an attracting movie poster, this recipe is the same for a magazine cover and a video thumbnail. Here’s how to highlight the assets of the video according to the target:

  • The good moment: Once your video is recorded, the content of your video logically has no secret for you. So this is the perfect time to look into making the thumbnail.
  • Use simple software (Adobe Spark or Pablo) or ask a graphic designer if you have the chance to have one nearby.
  • Choose the right image: The right question to ask here is “what is the main topic and who is the audience?” Try to find an illustration (a drawing or a photo) that summarizes the main idea of ​​the video.
  • If you do not have your own photo library, there are many royalty-free images banks:picjumbodeathtothestockphotopublicdomainarchivestartupstockphotos, splitshireshutteroofreeimages.
  • Choose the title: The title is essential, it must summarize the subject treated in a few words. The goal here is to provide visibility on the content of the video, and help the audience to apprehend. So ideally, it will avoid abstract titles or humorous ones, and remain very concrete.
  • Betting on originality: To stand out, the key is to imagine what will distinguish your video from others.



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You now have all the keys in hand to create the ideal vignette and optimize your videos.